Internship offers

The Internship Program offers students the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge they have acquired during M1. Internships opportunities are available through the research units of the EFEO, EPHE or EHESS, in other public institutions (libraries, museums, archives, etc.), or in private structures, in France or abroad, under the guidance of a training supervisor approved by the Academic Council and by the advisor/director.

Internships may also take the form of research missions to Asia, under the guidance of a mentor and supervised by the advisor/director.

More information about internship is available on this website.

  • EHESS Professional Integration Assistance (SAIP)

This service is responsible for providing students a wide range of opportunities to explore the professional world. Its purpose is to centralize all internship offers and to become the students’ main contact for all the internship requirements.

The SAIP occupies office A 08-08, on the eighth floor of 54 Raspail Boulevard: contact.

  • EHESS Student Internship Offers

Numerous Internship offers are listed on the EHESS page and should be consulted regularly.

  • EHESS Alumni

The Alumni Association brings together students, alumni and friends of EHESS; it offers a space for meetings, exchanges and discussions for its members and for all those concerned with the professionalization, promotion and influence of the social sciences.

The EHESS alumni association has a website and an updated directory allowing alumni to be in contact and identified, and internship and job offers to be posted online.

It mobilizes the network in the service of professionalization through the creation of a network of partners and by organizing in particular:

  • the alumni-student meeting program (in partnership with the students’ association), where alumni exchange professional background and experiences (4 to 5 sessions per year) are organized

  • professional workshops (4 to 5 per year)

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