For doctoral students

Download here a table of the financial aid granted to EHESS doctoral students.

Doctoral Fellowships in Higher Education and Research

The decree of 23 April 2009 specifies the status of the “PhD candidate” and sets the conditions for the application. This is a three-year fixed-term contract for students who have obtained the master’s degree and are preparing for a doctorate. There are no restrictions related to the age of the candidate or the date of obtaining the master’s degree. Students must have been enrolled in a thesis at a higher education or research institution for less than six months. The award criteria and timetable are specific to each EHESS doctoral course. It is imperative to contact the administration office of the proposed doctoral program (see below) from March/April onwards to find out how to apply, before the end of the master’s degree. It is essential to prepare your application file with your advisor/director.

List of 11 EHESS Doctoral Programs

IMPORTANT: Masters students of the EHESS-EFEO course in Asian studies can apply for Doctoral programme “Field investigation, textual corpuses, interdisciplinarity” (2TI).

Additional funding for doctoral students is available from each department, the EHESS school board, host research centers, Labex, the Ile de France Regional Council (research grants), etc.

Also consult the student portal to stay informed of calls for applications.

EFEO field scholarships (Master’s and doctoral students)

The École française d’Extrême-Orient (EFEO) offers field grants to allow students to study in Asia (from one to six months) in one of the 18 EFEO Centers located in Asia:

The Network of French Research Institutes Abroad

The Unités mixtes des Instituts français de recherche à l’étranger (UMIFRE), nine of which are located in Asia, anchor French research abroad. They can provide essential support for Master’s students and doctoral candidates in the context of internships, field trips, etc. They also offer scholarships for doctoral students.

Louis Dumont Foundation field grant (from Master’s Year 2 to post-doctorate)

Created in 1988, the “Fonds Louis Dumont pour la recherche en anthropologie sociale” offers annual one-off assistance exclusively for field research projects. It is aimed at young ethnological and anthropological researchers, at Master 2, doctoral and post-doctoral levels, without nationality conditions, but who must be based and registered in France. It is managed by the Fondation Maison des sciences de l’homme.

Applications should be sent to the “Fonds Louis Dumont” between 1 December and 31 January of the following year. More information on the FMSH website.

Scholarship from the Martine Aublet Foundation (Quai Branly)

Devoted to research in the Human and Social Sciences, the grants awarded by the Martine Aublet Foundation, of up to 15,000 euros each, exclusively finance field research for a period of 12 months. Master’s and thesis subjects, distinguished for their relevance as well as for their scientific rigour, must justify field work in a non-European country.

The disciplines concerned are anthropology, ethnomusicology, ethnolinguistics, art history, history, archaeology, sociology and political science.

More information on the website of the foundation.

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