Chief editor: Rémy Delage (CEIAS, CNRS-EHESS)

Redaction team: Rémy Delage (CEIAS, CNRS-EHESS), Paul Sorrentino (CASE, EHESS), Arthur Cessou (ATER, EHESS), Ninga Ahmed Affandi (Secrétaire EA, EHESS), Olivier Venture (CRCAO, EPHE)

Contributors: Emmanuel Francis (CEIAS, CNRS-EHESS), Wahid Mendil (web & print designer), Kasha Vande (translator)

Graphic design: Original creations by Wahid Mendil (web & print designer)

Photography credits: Any photo that does not mention copyright or specific reference to an external web source belongs to one or the other contributor to this blog; PaternitéPas d'utilisation commercialePartage selon les Conditions Initiales Some Rights also Reserved (License Creative Commons)

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