The Advisor/Student relationship is fundamental to this Master’s program. He/she is a teacher-researcher responsible for a seminar within the master’s training program. A list of advisor/directors is available on the website dedicated to the master program.

The advisor/director works with the student to define her research and training project, and a signature of approval. This agreement is necessary as part of the registration procedure, both pedagogical and administrative. If the student does not obtain the support and approval of an advisor/director, the institution is not required to appoint one.

Whether at Master 1 or Master 2 level, the advisor/director supervises the student’s research work and helps define the subject of the thesis of which the advisor becomes the director. In agreement with the advisor/director, the student will draw up a list of the courses to be completed each semester.

More generally, the advisor/director will facilitate the student’s contacts with other teachers and research laboratories, libraries, archives, museums and other institutions, providing support for the student’s research work and training.

A co-signed advisor/director student agreement defines the mutual responsibilities of both parties during and after the Master’s course. An example of this contract is at the end of this booklet and is available on the training website.

For internships, an agreement will be established and signed by the student, the host institution, the EHESS or EPHE, and the advisor/director. The internship will be evaluated by the advisor/director and a representative of the host institution.

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