Specific terms and conditions

  • Specific terms and conditions of Track 1: « History and Social Sciences: Fields, Texts and Images » (EHESS-EFEO)

Students in the “History and Social Sciences” program are required to attend discipline-specific EHESS masters seminars in different fields: anthropology, economics, geography, history, sociology, etc. In M1, students will be required to attend two discipline-specific seminars in S1 and S2. In M2, a discipline-specific seminar is compulsory in S3.

  • Specific terms and conditions of Track 2: « History, Philology and Religion » (EPHE-EFEO)

Students in the “History, Philology and Religion” course are encouraged to attend the discipline-specific seminars offered by EPHE and EFEO teacher-researchers as an introduction to, or to perfect their knowledge in, the study of particular sources (inscriptions, manuscripts, etc.), the learning of rare languages (Sanskrit, Tokharian, Elamite, etc.) or a specific field (Tantrism, Shivaism, Taoism, Buddhism, Mazdeism, Shintoism, etc.).

  • Curriculum Structure Options

The student can request to complete the Master 1 or Master 2 year in two years. She is then registered for a limited number of UE per semester or for one of the two semesters of the year in question. This request is made at the time of the pedagogical registration and with the approval of the advisor/director.

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