The Internship Program offers students the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge they have acquired during M1. Internships opportunities are available through the research units of the EFEO, EPHE or EHESS, in other public institutions (libraries, museums, archives, etc.), or in private structures, in France or abroad, under the guidance of a training supervisor approved by the Academic Council and by the advisor/director.

Internships may also take the form of research missions to Asia, under the guidance of a mentor and supervised by the advisor/director.

Each internship period will conclude with the submission of a ten-page report. The mentor/supervisor and the advisor/director will provide an evaluation of said report.

A list of host structures offering internships is available on the Master’s and partner institutions’ websites (EHESS, EPHE, EFEO).

Students may propose a subject and a place of internship outside the above list. These proposals are reviewed by the Master’s academic team, which assesses the relevance of the internship to the student’s thesis project and the objectives of the training.

The duration of the internship can be variable. It will be between ten days (or of equivalent duration = 48 hours) and two months (or of equivalent duration = 308 hours). The place and objectives of the internship are specified on the internship application form completed with the internship supervisor. It is governed by an internship agreement that guarantees the rights of the student and defines his or her duties (sample agreements are available on the Digital Working Environment – ENT – of the institutions).

If a student works in parallel with her studies, and the employment is in the field of the master’s degree, the student can do an internship as part of her professional activities. If the student’s employment does not fall directly within the Master’s field, she may be exempted from the internship by requesting a VAE validation of professional experience from the Master’s Pedagogical Commission. This will enable the student to obtain her required ECTS for the internship.

It is also possible to extend the duration of the internship within the maximum legal limit of 6 months. The extension of the internship will not be subject to validation by ECTS credits but may be the subject of an annex to the diploma. In accordance with the law, after two months, any internship must be remunerated. As an indication, the minimum amount of the bonus in 2018-2019 was set at 15% of the hourly social security ceiling, i.e. €25 x 0.15 = €3.75* per hour of actual attendance during the internship. No internship agreement will be validated for periods after August 31, 2020.

Internship Contract Template

The internship contract template is available on ENT, subsequent to the payment of the administrative registration fee.

Specialized templates:

  • Professional Experience Contract Template is available from the EPHE Continuing Education Department or the EHESS Traineeship Office;
  • International Internship Contract Template is available from the EPHE International Relations Department or the EHESS School Service.

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