Research thesis

The Advisor/Director follows the student’s work throughout the two-year master’s program.

  • Master I – Compulsory Mini Thesis

The M1 curriculum requirements include a mini research thesis (generally integrated with the advisor/director’s seminar), i.e. a first research project enabling the student to prepare for the writing of the final M2 thesis. It will be a preliminary synthesis of the proposed M2 thesis subject or the study of a particular aspect. The form and length of the thesis are left to the discretion of the advisor/director; however it must be at least 25 pages, bibliography not included.

  • Master II – Research Thesis

The writing of the M2 thesis is the culmination of the master’s training. This thesis demonstrates the student’s ability to master the paradigms, sources and methods required to carry out original research on a subject in the field of Asian studies. In particular, it makes it possible to evaluate the student’s skills (disciplinary, thematic, linguistic, and editorial).

The length of the M2 dissertation can be variable, but it should be approximately one hundred pages. This thesis will be the subject of a defense, the terms of which are determined within each department.

An interim evaluation of the progress of the draft thesis is part of the curriculum for the first semester of year 3, and is considered as 6 ECTS and awarded a mark out of 20.

The thesis is defended before a jury of two, including the advisor/director. Three thesis copies (approximately 100 pages) must be submitted. The defense will take place between the first half of June and the end of September. Final acceptance of the thesis will be done after approval by the relevant Academic Council.

  • Warning – Plagiarism is strictly prohibited

All written work must comply with the regulatory frameworks relating to intellectual property. Sources, published or not, whatever the existing medium, printed or digital, used for this work must be explicitly mentioned. The work of students and in particular research papers will be subject to the control of anti-plagiarism software. Any violation of the law will be punished.

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