Courses and seminars

The Master’s degree is awarded on the basis of completing a total of 120 ECTS, i.e. 60 obtained in M1 and 60 in M2. The granting of Distinction will be calculated on the average of the scores obtained in M2.

The knowledge assessment will be carried out in accordance with procedures to be specified by UE official(s) at the beginning of the semester. The score for validating an UE will be based on one or more works (lecture notes, oral presentation, research report, etc.).

Attendance at seminars is mandatory. Beyond three unjustified absences, the EU will not be validated. Excessive absences may be taken into account at the time of the evaluation.

The evaluation schedule is decided by the individual departments and may differ from one to the other. Accreditation is decided in a single session and takes place at the end of the first semester or in June. A mark will be given out of 20 at the end of the semester. If this score is greater than or equal to 10/20, the EU is credited.

The allocation of credits implies a score of 10 or more. In the event that credits have not been obtained within the framework of an EU, the student may do additional work. If the student obtains a mark of 10/20 or more as a result, he/she will be credited the EU at in the next semester.

The number of credits (ECTS) for each EU is specified in the master’s curriculum. As a general rule, a seminar corresponding to 24 seminar hours per semester is attributed 6 credits, a seminar of 12 hours per semester is attributed 3 credits.

For courses taken outside the EPHE and EHESS, the EU official assigns a grade to the student, which is forwarded to the DEVE in charge of the corresponding course. The number of credits (ECTS) awarded is determined by the course managers according to the number of hours and the nature of the instruction followed.

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