4 Steps registration

  • Contact an Advisor/Director

To be able to enroll in the “Asian Studies” master’s degree program, students must obtain the agreement of a master’s teacher-researcher working in the field in which they wish to specialize to act as their advisor/director. To obtain this agreement, students may contact the potential advisor/director listed on the master’s website at any time of the year. They will present very briefly their desired curriculum, their motivations and the proposed research project. Registration in M2 is subject to the presentation of a more detailed research project (4 to 6 pages).

  • Apply

Applications may be submitted online either on the PSL website or on the EHESS website. An email acknowledgement of receipt will be provided as soon as the complete file has been submitted. A second email acknowledgement will be issued once the conformity of the entire file (information, attachments) has been verified and validated by the admissions service.

The recruitment committee meets in July and September. It validates student applications based on previous background (education, academic results and professional experience), motivation, professional goals, and proposed internship or research project.

  • Confirm Your Registration

As determined by the selection committee, the candidate will receive by email the decision to admit, refuse or put on the waiting list.

If the application has been accepted, the student must validate his administrative registration by paying the student living and campus contribution (CVEC) and fees. A student card, receipt and certificate of registration will then be sent by post.

Re-registration: At the end of the jury’s deliberations at the end of the academic year and as soon as the student has been informed of his admission to the next year or of his repetition, she must re-register.

  • Pay the Registration Fees

Before your registration, you must pay the CVEC.

The student and campus life contribution (CVEC) is compulsory for any enrolment in training or apprenticeship in a higher education institution and amounts to 91€ in 2019/2020. Payment and procurement of the required receipt is done online at the following address: https://cvec.etudiant.gouv.fr/


The Registration Fees total €243 and include

  • Diploma Fees
  • Library Fees

In accordance with the Order of 19 April 2019 on tuition fees in public higher education institutions under the responsibility of the Minister for Higher Education, non-EU students who do not meet one of the conditions of Article 3 of this Order must pay the differentiated tuition fee of €3770 for the national master’s degree. The EPHE Board of Directors is in alignment with the PSL position voted in the CA of 20 June 2019, which recommends partial exemption from registration fees for foreign students from outside the EU, subject to differentiated fees, allowing them to pay an amount of fee equal to that paid by national students, namely €243. The EHESS Board of Directors of 28 June 2019 has also determined to apply the partial exemption from registration fees under the same conditions. 

Methods of Payment


  • Credit/Debit Card: Online payment during the administrative registration. Total may be made over three payments.
  • Payment on site at the accounting agency 4/14 rue Ferrus from 9am to 12pm Monday to Friday.
  • Bank check: You can pay the registration fee by check made payable to the EPHE Accounting Officer. Indicate student name and the Masters program on the back of the check. Mail to EPHE – DEVE – 4-14 rue Ferrus 75014 PARIS.


  • Credit/Debit card: Online payment at the time of administrative registration. On-site payment to the accounting office 54 boulevard Raspail.
  • Bank check should be made out to the EHESS Accounting Officer. Send by post to: EHESS – Service de la scolarité – Bureau A837 – 54 boulevard Raspail 75006 Paris. On-site deposit at the Registration Department – Office A837 – 54 boulevard Raspail (the student social security system will be definitively abolished as of the start of the 2019 academic year, so there will no longer be any contribution to be paid).
  • On-site deposit at the Registration Department – Office A837 – 54 boulevard Raspail (the student social security system will be definitively abolished as of the start of the 2019 academic year, so there will no longer be any contribution to be paid).

Financial Assistance

If the training is partially or totally funded by an employer or a funding organization, the student must contact the continuing education department by e-mail:

Fees and registration procedures must be requested from the relevant institution.

Affiliation with Student Social Security

The student social security system was made obsolete on 31 August 2019. On this date, all students previously attached to a student mutual insurance company for their social security will automatically be attached to the Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie of their place of residence. The student Mutual Societies, alongside the Health Insurance, will continue their preventive health actions and will continue to offer complementary health insurance specifically adapted to students.

International students enrolling for the first time in French higher education are invited to apply for affiliation to French Social Security by enrolling on etudiant-tranger.ameli.fr. This initiative also concerns French students from New Caledonia or Wallis and Futuna, or French students born abroad.


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