Master’s degree in Asian Studies (Paris)

Oriented towards research in the field of human and social sciences, this new Master’s degree in collaboration with the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), the French School of Asian Studies (EFEO), the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes (EPHE), as well as the Université PSL offers integrated training where each identified cultural area is addressed through a methodology specific to each discipline. The new Asian Studies MA educational team encourages students to expand their reflection beyond a single cultural or linguistic area and to embrace a multidisciplinary and comparative approach to their subject of study. The Master’s degree is a multidisciplinary two-year program, now organized around two tracks of study:

  • Track 1: “History and social sciences: fields, texts and images” (EHESS-EFEO)

Apply now through the student portal at the EHESS

Contacts: Rémy Delage & Fabrizio Speziale

This emphasis, proposed by the EHESS in collaboration with the EFEO, is intended for students wishing to develop their research in connection with modern and contemporary Asia. In a cross-fertilization of fundamental disciplines and cultural areas, where they are approached through a specific method, this track emphasizes multiple societal challenges based on global and resolutely comparative approaches, which highlight circulations and transfers, as well as dialogue and interdisciplinarity in the social sciences.

  • Track 2: “History, philology and religions” (EPHE-EFEO)

Apply now through the student portal at the EPHE

Contact: Olivier Venture

This emphasis, developed by the EPHE in collaboration with the EFEO, is meant for students wishing to carry out research on ancient Asia based on a thorough understanding of written or material sources, and based on methods specific to philology, paleography, archaeology and epigraphy. Particular emphasis is placed on the analysis of first-hand sources generally written in different Asian languages. Another specificity of this course is the interest given to the study of religious phenomena through a long durée approach.

Practical information

A major added value of this new Master’s degree lies in the array of training opportunities available, including courses delivered at both locations, the EHESS and EPHE. More than a hundred research seminars are open to students, who will have access to a broad community of around 140 professors and scholars specialized on various topics pertaining to Asian societies. Such a formula will certainly stimulate circulation of students across institutions and with other Master’s degrees in Paris. From 2020-2021 onwards, the students will also benefit from the stimulating campus life at the new Condorcet site, which will be operational starting in fall 2019, as well as from the proximity with new training and research facilities such as the major library specialized in the field of area studies.

The Asian Studies MA also pays particular attention to field mobility in Asia. Funding is secured by its partner institutions (EHESS, EPHE, EFEO) for students’ fieldwork in order to adequately prepare the M2 thesis. Although the Asian Studies MA (M1 and M2) targets graduate students in the field of human and social sciences, it may, however, be of interest to professionals (journalists, librarians, consultants, etc.) wishing to enhance their knowledge of Asian societies. In addition to the compulsory knowledge of French and English, a partial or total fluency of an Asian vernacular language is recommended, depending on their research projects. Language training can be carried out during the MA.


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